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Cobwebs 4
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I Heard A`Nam Vet Say...
We fought in that Asian war ...right or wrong
We may have been missed by the bullets song
but something as deadly may just come along
We may think that we are now long out of the shit
Let me tell we ain`t part way out of the woods yet
...The biggest  threat of later life is Agent Orange
Diabetes and cancer...  a few to make you cringe
With you and death... a meeting it can arrange
We could have been touched with it`s toxic tinge
...just more victims of the deadly Agent Orange
Thirty years on down the road we still cringe
We know it may wait quietly years for it`s revenge
while we suffer much like a dog with the mange...
waiting for our government to begin to avenge
before there`s nothing more left of us to scavenge
...just the fallen in the long war with Agent Orange
...We need action now...No more more speech
for like the jungle it destroyed`s tendrils reach...
Faye Sizemore 9/15/03

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